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File Preparation

File preparation is important to get the best results from your prints. After you have processed your file in your image editor, the following steps should be undertaken. These guidelines assume you are using Photoshop for editing.

Soft Proof your image
Refer to the Soft Proofing link at left for instructions

Resize your image


In the image size dialog box, fIrst uncheck the box "Resample image" and enter a resolution of 300 pixels/inch.

Check the "Resample Image" box. Enter the desired dimensions for your print

Print size guidelines

For letter size prints maximum image dimensions are: 205 x 269mm

For roll paper prints place your images on a 17" (425mm wide canvas)

You can layout multiple prints on a 17" wide canvas in Photoshop.

Sharpen your Image

View the image at 50%. Adjust sharpening to your liking tending towards slightly oversharpened. Prints require extra sharpening compared to viewing on the screen

Check for noise in smooth backgrounds. If necessary mask off those areas so they are not sharpened.

Save your image

Save the image as a tiff or psd file. Leave layers intact if desired. Ensure the image is tagged with the profile used for editing in photoshop, normally Adobe RGB. Do Not convert the image to the ICC printer profile, leave it in Adobe RGB.