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We offer prints on a variety of Quality Media, The choice is largely a matter of personal taste and is influenced by the subject matter. The traditional fine art media offer completely Matte surfaces on a cotton rag or fibre base. Resin Coated media are closer to traditional colour photographic media. A new development in Fine Art media is the availability of satin/gloss surfaces on a traditional fibre base utilising a Baryta (Barium Sulphate) layer as used in traditional darkroom fibre base prints. This offers rich deep blacks and the look and feel of a traditional air dried "F" glossy surface photographic print.


Hahnemuhle Photo Rag is an ultra matte, smooth surface paper with a heavy 308 gsm cotton rag base. Truly archival, this paper is bright white and acid free. Suitable more subdued subjects or where a matte surface is desired.

Available for printing from 17" roll stock

Canson Photo Satin is a quality semi gloss Resin Coated paper with an acid free 100% alpha cellulose base. It offers a low sheen, capable of high impact results, excellent D-Max (good blacks) and gamut, a good everyday printing paper.

Available for printing from 17" roll stock.

Ilford Gold Fibre Silk is a fibre base paper with a Baryta layer which offers enhanced definition, extended tonal range, and excellent archival properties, this paper is acid and optical brightener free. Excellent for colour or black & white images, the prints have a smooth low gloss surface and paper tone is warm.

Available in Letter (8.5" x 11") sheet prints and 17" roll Stock