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Birds - Galapagos
Blue Footed Booby
Rolling over to start a dive
Diving Blue Footed Booby
Mid Dive
Blue Footed Booby 2
Mosquera Islet, near Baltra/North Seymour Islands
Brown Pelican 2
Brown Pelican Diving
Starting a Dive
Espanola Mockingbird
These birds were incredibly tame
Galapagos Mockingbird
In the highlands, San Christobel Island
Found in brackish lagoons on the Galapagos.
Frigatebird Feeding Chick
Great Frigatebird returns to the nest to feed its chick, Genovesa Island
Frigatebird Food Fight 2
Competing for food, Mosquera Isllet
Frigatebird Food Fight
Great Frigatebird-Immature
Genovesa Island
Follwoing our boat
Great Frigatebird Male
Genovesa Island
Galapagos Dove
Found throughout the Galapagos.
Galapagos Hawk 2
On patrol on Espanola Island
Galapagos Hawk
Great Blue Heron Galapagos
Fishing in tidal pools San Christobel island
Least Sandpiper
Smallest shorebird, migrates from Tundra areas in North America
Small Ground Finch
One of Darwin's Finches
Small Ground Finch 2
Medium Ground Finch
Another of Darwin's Finches
Large Ground Finch
Another Darwin Finch species, feeding on cactus seed
Small Tree Finch
One of Darwin's finches
Mockingbird Eye
Checking it's reflection in the macro lens.
Nazca Booby
Common on many Islands in the Galapagos.
Nazca Booby 2
Genovesa Island
Nazca Booby 3
Genovesa Island
Nazca Booby 4
Red Footed Booby
Genovesa Island, the brown phase in most common in the Galapagos.
Red Footed Booby 2
White Phase, not so common in the Galapagos
Night Heron
On Genovesa Island
Found on manu Islands in the Galapagos
Red Billed Tropicbird 2
Espanola Island
Red Billed Tropicbird 3
Genovesa Island
Ruddy Turnstone
A migratory shorbird
Sanderling 2
A migratory shorebird, usually found on ocean beaches
This species breeds in the high Arctic and migrates to ocean beaches worldwide.
Semi Palmated Plover
A migratory shorebird, breeding in Northern Canada and Alaska
Short Eared Owl
One of the major predators in the Galapagos
Striated Heron
San Cristobel Island
Swallow Tailed Gull
These gulls feed nocturnally
Swallow Tailed Gull 2
Completely pelagic when not breeding in the Galapagos
Preening Swallow Tailed Gulls
Waved Albatross Chick
Waved Albatross Pair
Found only on Espanola Island
Waved Albatross Portrait
Wedge Rumped Storm Petrel 2
Wedge Rumped Storm Petrel
Wedge Rumped Storm Petrel
Storm Petrel
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