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Bungle Bungle Beehives
Purnululu NP WA
Cape Leveque Sunset
Belmore Falls
Eliot Falls, Cape York
Fitzroy River Cadjeput
First Light Moraine Lake
Diplodium grandiflorum
Greenscomb Spider Orchid
Thelymitra kangaloonica
Thelymitra pauciflora 5
Thelymitra pauciflora
Diuris Puntata 5
Spotted Sun Orchid 9
Flannel Flowers
Carbanup WA
Thelymitra rubra
Grampians region Vic.
SplendidWhiteSpiderOrchid banner
Warty Hammer Orchid
Calytrix tetragona
Rushlily 2
Fringed Lilies 4
Epacris longiflora 2
Eastern Spinebill 4
Restless Flycatcher
Marbled Frogmouth 2
Palm Cockatoo
Golden Bowerbird 2
Blue Breasted Fairy Wren
Great Crested Grebe 3
Pink Eared Duck
Eastern spinebill + hakea
Collared Sparowhawk with Prey 2
Southern Emu Wren 3
Purple Crowned Fairy Wren 8
StriatedThornbill5 banner
Scarlet Robin 5
Red Capped Robin 9
Rufous Fantail 3
Buff Breasted Paradise Kingfisher
Buff Breasted Paradise Kingfisher
Yellow Faced Black Cockatoo 2
Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher 2
Olive Backed Sunbird 2
Magpie Tanager
Swallow Tailed Gull
Storm Petrel
Red Billed Tropicbird 3
Waved Albatross Pair
Frigatebird Feeding Chick
Cock of the Rock
Sword Billed Hummingbird
White Bellied Woodstar
Wire Crested Thorntail 2
Ecuadorian Hillstar
Hypselodoris bennetti.9
Goniobranchus splendidus 2
Goniobranchus tasmaniensis
Ceratosoma brevicaudatum 2
Ceratosoma amonenum 10
Leafy Seadragpn 3
Weedy Seadragon 8
Striped Catfish 2
Old Wives 18
Eastern Blue Groper 4
Six Spine Leatherjacket2
Whale Watch Platform - outside Botany Bay
Glassfish + Snapper School
Whale Shark 2
Goniobranchus kuneii
Peacock Mantis Shrimp
Chromodoris willani2
Pink Anemone Fish
Lembeh Strait - note tongue parasite
Halgerda batangas
Lalou Reef Wall 1
Lolou Reef Top 2
Georgie + SeaFan
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